Center Vision

The Career Center is pleased to announce its sincere desire to provide the services to students and graduates of the College of employees, job seekers and entrepreneurs by providing services to prepare them for the poor involvement in the labor market or entrepreneurs. We are not only happy with success but strive to excel.

Center Message

The Career center provides guidance to the students and graduates of the college towards their careers by qualifying them to engage in the labor market and entrepreneurship, develop job search skills, write CV’s, interview skills, and promote constructive communication between the college and its graduates as an integral part of us.

Center Main Goals

1.Instructing students to select specialties that are carefully.
2.Guides alumni to professional and career paths.
3.Prepare students and graduates to write CV and prepare them for personal interviews.

Our Contact

Our Contacts

We welcome your inquiries, with us your opinions and suggestions are of interest to us through:
E-mail address for graduates: alumni@ict.edu.om
Or communicate via phone: 255 87 813

We are pleased to register and subscribe by sending a message to WhatsApp on the number of career center to receive all the ads: 94475888.
We are pleased to meet you at Ibra College of Technology for the benefit of all the services provided to you.